ArkoRoyal Organic Royal Jelly Organic 1500mg (10 Plastic Vials)


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Product Description

Arko Royal Organic Jelly 1500mg A heavenly food, Royal Jelly is the result of a miraculous synergy between the plant and animal kingdoms. It is produced by bees in the hive to feed the queen, hence its name. This special food means queens live up to 40 times longer than other bees. A rich source of B-vitamins and amino acids and a potent antioxidant, royal jelly is taken by many as a restorative health and beauty tonic. Arkopharma’s Arko Royal Organic Jelly provides 1500mg of royal jelly obtained from carefully-controlled fresh royal jelly, providing a minimum HDA (10 hyroxy-2-decanoic acid) content of at least 1.4%. Drawing on more than 30 years’ of research and product development, Arko Royal are the market leaders in beehive therapy, and are committed to responsible, organic farming that safeguards and protects the bees.

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Available in 15ml vials.

Take one dose per day for 10 days, in the morning, diluted in a glass of water or fruit juice.