Super Silica

Super Silica Plus, 120 Capsules


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Weight 0.27 kg
Dimensions 6.5 x 6.5 x 12 cm

Amount per vegetable capsule:
Enzyme Complex: 70mg 

Protease 10,000 HUT       Pectinase 5-endo PGU

Amylase 1,500 DU             Hemicellulase 1,000 HCU

Lipase 500 FIP                    Beta-glucanase 10 BG

Cellulase 400 CU                 Phytase 10 U

Glucoamylase 1.8 AGU

Plant-based Silica (from Herbal Base) 90 mg

Herbal Extract Proprietary Blend 440mg 
Bamboo (stem), Horsetail (herb), Nettles (herb), Organice Barley Grass Juice Conc 40:1, Dandelion (root and leaves), Yellow Dock (root).

Other ingredient: Silica Mineral Complex

One capsule before your evening meal (depending on your general health or nutritional goals) plus one or two capsules before bedtime